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Tax Returns

According to the Tax Foundation, Ireland ranked 20th in the 2020 International Tax Competitiveness Index Rankings. We have one of the largest tax codes globally. This can make filing even the most straightforward tax returns complicated. But an experienced tax professional can help to simplify things and make sure you are paying the right amount of tax.
Conway and Conway accountants provide top-notch professional tax return services. We serve self-employed individuals, employees with secondary incomes or those with company shares, contractors, and landlords among others. We have worked with thousands of Irish people on their tax returns.

If you need any help filing your tax returns, you can reach out to us via phone or online to book your free initial consultation.

Who Should File a Self Assessment Tax Return?

If you receive any additional income besides PAYE, then you need to file self assessment tax returns. People who fall under this category include:

  • Self-employed people
  • Partners in a partnership
  • Freelancers, contractors, and RCT contractors
  • Company directors
  • Landlords and lease owners
  • People with large amounts of savings or investment income
  • People who buy or sell shares
  • People who have sold an asset, for example, a holiday home

People who make an income from overseas may also need to file self assement returns in Ireland even if they are paying taxes abroad. For example, those who have foreign rental properties or pensions may need to pay taxes to the Revenue too.

Schedule a Free Consultation

When you work with us on your tax returns, you are assured of accurate and timely filing of your returns. This reduces the risk of Revenue making an enquiry into your tax affairs. You also won’t have to pay more taxes than you have to. Book a free consultation session with our tax experts today.